Benefits of the Gym

Bella Magazine, April 2010
article and photos by Wendy Campbell

pensacola pilates

Elizabeth Bradford, Pilates instructor with Pilates Core Training of Pensacola, performs a “teaser” exercise on the trapeze table as part of a workout.

Exercise is an important factor in overall good health and well being. Some individuals choose to walk every day, while others choose to exercise at home.

Joining a gym or health club does have ben­efits in terms of motivating an individual to get in shape.

One reason women often choose to work out at a gym as opposed to working out at home is the “group” factor. Women often go to a gym with friends to help motivate each other during their bid to get in shape. Work­ing out at a gym also allows women and men to socialize. You can exercise with others and still get strength training and cardiovascular benefits.

Group exercises classes are excellent, be­cause they provide a social atmosphere, along with motivation. Classes such as Yoga, Pilates, spinning and resistance -training will help wom­en build strength throughout their bodies.


Pilates is a wonderful way for all individu­als to gain strength and get in shape, even those suffering from certain conditions, such as a knee replacement or osteopo­rosis.

“Pilates is an excellent way to exercise be­cause of its focus on postural strength and alignment, flexibility, grace and detail,” said Elizabeth Bradford, instructor with Pilates Core Training, located in the Roger Scott Athletic Center in Pensacola.

Bradford recommends her clients to par­ticipate in two classes a week to achieve their maximum strength endurance.

“I tell people when they ask how often they should do Pilates, that twice a week is best,” Bradford said. “But, if that doesn’t fit with their financial budget or time sched­ule, then once a week in good. Pilates is a good supplement for baseball and tennis players.”

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