A Little Training Goes a Long Way

Natural Awakenings, January 2014

There is a life-defining moment when a person realizes that they would like assistance with a certain aspect of their
health and walks into a studio or gym.

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Fitness Attire: Where fashion meets function

Bella Magazine, April 2011 written and photos by Phillip Makselan It’s important to consider your fitness at­tire when getting ready for your workout. No matter what the activity, being comfortable is essential. In Pilates, it’s important to stay comfortable, but also to shy away from baggy material. Barbara Bruni, owner of Pilates Core Train­ing, said “the trainers watch your every move­ment,” so more form-fitting clothes help the training process. When it comes to trends, organic and colorful fabrics for hip-length shirts are win­ning out over shades of grey and midriff tops. Pilates Core Training Instructor Beth Bradford adds that because she’s in workout attire every day of the week, she wants something “that’s going to look good when stepping outside of the studio.” While shoes are vital for some activities, in Pilates, most people prefer to go barefoot or wear socks with non-slip soles. Whether it’s an early morning workout, on your lunch break or in the evening after work, comfortable and breathable attire is a necessity at the...
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Profiles in Success:

Whether you’re the COO of a health care system or the manager of a fast-food eatery, being in business ay is challenging. Pensacola has a large percentage of women-owned businesses, though all different. While the dynamics may separate each from the other. the similarities are more noticeable.

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Why Pilates?

One of my long time Pilates clients went in to see her physician for a routine check-up. She is in good health, is fit and looks great. After she informed her doctor that she does Pilates exercises on the equipment weekly, he mentioned to her that she should be getting some resistance exercise as well. I had to ask myself why this doctor doesn’t know that Pilates IS resistance training. And why is there still so much confusion about what Pilates is? One of my missions since bringing Pilates to Pensacola over ten years ago was education. I see that I still have work to do.

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Pilates and Tennis

Many athletes now include Pilates in their training to improve their game. Most everyone knows that Pilates improves flexibility and core strength. It is also extremely beneficial for rotational sports athletes such as tennis players due to the dynamic stabilization of the trunk and kinetic chain link emphasis.

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Firm Your Butt & Boost Your Performance

How many athletes know that the upper gluteus muscle, the gluteus medius, is the culprit in many overuse injuries? To understand this, lets look at where this muscle is and what its action is. It is situated at the upper edge of the hip above the gluteus maximus. Its action is abduction of the thigh (lifts leg out to the side), rotates the thigh inwards and outwards and most importantly, keeps the pelvis stable especially during the walking and running movement as one leg has more weight bearing through the gait stance.

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