Barbara Bruni’s Pilates and Beyond offers two avenues to become a professional Pilates Instructor. One is the Traditional Approach of intensive weekend classroom hours along with personal self-practice, observation and apprentice teaching hours. The other is for professionals whose schedule demands greater flexibility than a traditional intensive style education and who have sufficient background in a related field. This is an Internship Instructor Training Program where private sessions will be used in lieu of classroom hours.

The first module is a 100 hour Pilates Mat Training Course.  Students then have the option of continuing their practice with the full Comprehensive Instructor Course including use of all the Pilates equipment: reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel, spine corrector, wunda chair and ped-a-pull.

Barbara and the staff at the host site, Pilates Core Training, have varied backgrounds in Pilates, GYROKENISIS™, Exercise Science, massage, Myofascial Release, Rolf Method of Structural Integration dance, and physical therapy to add a depth to the standard Pilates training and a thorough understanding of how to align and rebalance the human structure.  We apply this vast amount of knowledge to the programs while still honoring the amazing work of Joseph Pilates.  The new instructor will be able to work with a varied clientele in classes and private sessions as well as in fitness and therapeutic environments.

Both Avenues are formatted as follows:

Module #1, Mat and Foundational Principals, is designed to be completed in six months or less including all Private, Self-Practice, Observation, Apprentice Teaching and Study Guide hours.


Module #2a, 2b and 2c, Reformer Only, is designed to have all the private sessions and classroom hours completed in six months or less from the start of the program.  If more time is needed the participant can petition for additional time, especially for the apprentice teaching hours.  Reformer 2a and 2b are 100 hours each and Reformer 2c is 50 hours.


Module #3, Comprehensive Pilates Instruction, is the balance of the final 150 hours learning how to apply the exercises and principals to the rest of the equipment – Trapeze (Cadillac), Wunda Chair, Ladder and smaller barrels and Ped-a-Pull.  This course is designed to have all the private hours completed in six months or less from the start of the program. If more time is needed the participant can petition for additional time, especially for the apprentice teaching hours, however, there may be additional costs for private and self-practice sessions.



 Prerequisites for the Internship Program:


  • Licensed PT, OT, MD, OD, DC or holding a degree in a related field of Athletic Training, Exercise Science or Physiology, Kinesiology or Biomechanics, or certification and experience in a related field such as personal training or massage therapy. Acceptance based on initial interview.
  • CPR certified.
  • Must have participated in a minimum of 10 group or private sessions prior to starting the course.
  • Applicants must complete the entrance application, complete the prerequisite hours and take a lesson with a certified teacher to be approved for the program.

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