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Pilates is a method of exercise developed by the legendary trainer, Joseph H. Pilates (1880 – 1967) at the turn of the century. He brought his unique method of conditioning to the United States in 1923. He studied Eastern and Western disciplines, creating a fusion of the best qualities of both. Pilates exercises require fewer repetitions but concentrate on very precise movements with proper control and form.

Best known for its deep abdominal and back (core) work, Pilates is a complete total-body-conditioning workout emphasizing the natural curves of the spine. Pilates increases lean muscle tissue and bone density, but it does more than conventional weightlifting.

While Pilates exercise is best known for its deep abdominal and back work, the truth is it strengthens the entire body while correcting improper body alignment and mechanics. Pilates Core Training applies the most current principles in exercise science, biomechanics, kinesiology, and fascial research. Its updated approach to traditional Pilates makes the exercises safer and more effective as they emphasize the natural curves of the spine and integrative movement principles. Pilates creates well developed muscles without creating the muscle imbalances many traditional exercises can cause. The mind/body emphasis on proper breathing and concentration on smooth motions develop neuromuscular re-education. This creates more efficient and effective movement patterns, improved posture, positive body awareness and control, which spills over into other areas of your life. Each workout develops strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.



Use of reformers, towers and Wunda chairs. Maximum 6 per class. Must have attended Beginner Equipment or have prior experience on the equipment or private sessions. Designed for multi-level participation.

Beginning Equipment

Learn the basics of reformer and tower exercises and alignment fundamentals. 

Modified Equipment

Exercises are modified for those with special conditions such as osteoporosis, stenosis, back pain, joint conditions, etc.

Advanced Equipment

More Challenging exercises, faster pace. Must know fundamentals and have a strong core.

Beginning Mat

Learn the valuable alignment fundamentals and begin your core strengthening.

Mat Multi-Level Props

Use of exercise bands, large stability balls, rollers, rings, medicine balls, BOSUs, etc. Can make the classic exercises more challenging or supportive. Designed for Multi-Level participation.

Advanced Mat

More challenging exercises, faster pace


*There will be a 3% credit card fee at the time of purchase. There is no fee for cash or check payments. 


For those who need a more therapeutic approach, Restorative Pilates focuses on healing through integrative movement modalities focused on whole body wellness. By addressing restrictive and painful movement patterns Restorative Pilates aims to return your body to vitality and health with improved physical capacity. This is done in private sessions initially until you improve to the point you may join a group class if desired.

Much of the time pain in one part of the body is caused by a weakness or tightness in another area of the body putting undue pressure on joints and nerves restricting movement. A thorough assessment allows the instructor to create a unique corrective movement program for you. This program will retrain your body to move in more efficient movement patterns and relieve the pressure and restrictions causing pain and tightness.

Prices are the same as regular Pilates Private Sessions

Don’t give up! Even if you have” tried everything else” give yourself a chance to “Return to Life”!

Return to Life, written by be Joseph H. Pilates

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