It’s important to consider your fitness at­tire when getting ready for your workout. No matter what the activity, being comfortable is essential.

In Pilates, it’s important to stay comfortable, but also to shy away from baggy material.

Barbara Bruni, owner of Pilates Core Train­ing, said “the trainers watch your every move­ment,” so more form-fitting clothes help the training process. When it comes to trends, organic and colorful fabrics for hip-length shirts are win­ning out over shades of grey and midriff tops.

Pilates Core Training Instructor Beth Bradford adds that because she’s in workout attire every day of the week, she wants something “that’s going to look good when stepping outside of the studio.”

While shoes are vital for some activities, in Pilates, most people prefer to go barefoot or wear socks with non-slip soles.

Whether it’s an early morning workout, on your lunch break or in the evening after work, comfortable and breathable attire is a necessity at the gym.